Thursday, January 9, 2014

The North Dakota Spirit

by Floyd Gardner

Retirement gave us an entirely new understanding of the word “independence.”  With the responsibility of children and a job lifted from our shoulders, RVing gave us a freedom we didn’t know existed - suddenly the entire continent was within our reach.  But we didn’t think about that when we bought our first RV.  We actually bought our first motor home to use for work rather than travel. 

After retiring from many years of public service positions my wife and I found a retirement job that required us to travel a great deal. We worked for a company that brokered health screening assignments for big box stores nationwide.  Travelling by air with equipment and supplies proved taxing for us and we often found the hotels near the workplaces to be less than desirable.  It soon became clear that working from a RV would be the easiest way to carry a lot of supplies and move every couple days from one city to another. 

We found a Class C with huge storage space to be the perfect solution, and we settled into work related travel that often kept us on the road for weeks at a time.  This was an exciting and interesting job and we loved it, but after a seven year run the chain in which we worked reached its goals and decided to discontinue the free screening clinics. 

Worried that we would have a very hard time to make the payments on our RV without additional income, we began to look for ways to find RV related jobs. Someone told us about Workampers and we joined.  Life got better almost immediately.